Jeroen ? 3D ??????

excerpts from 'The Usual Suspect'. To see the film, click here.

This one is for my friends and family back in Belgium, who haven't seen my little 3D computer film yet. Oh yes, I briefly turned to the dark side!
During a quiet period at Tandem, I got offered the chance to not only learn Maya , but also create a shortfilm with it, decent enough for the Tandem showreel. I quickly learned that the 10 week schedule was very scary for a 2D animator, but thanks to Mike Cook's (very patient!!) guidance, I pulled through, and created 'The Usual Suspect'.
The film is only 23 seconds long, so it basicly tells a little joke. For me it was more important to create a distinctive look, different from so many plastic like 3D animation you see on TV. Therefore I worked with painted textures, and crayon like outlines on the characters, buildings etc. Funny that the final look feels 2D again. You can take me out of the charity shop, but you can't take the charity shop out of me :)
Of course, it isn't Pixar stuff. But knowing where I came from, I'm very pleased with the result.