Kinder Bueno Finished!!!!!!!!

Let the social life commence again! I finally finished the Kinder Bueno commercial.
It's been quite a tough job, but really enjoyable as well, as I had a great team to work with (who remained surprisingly upbeat after the endless requests to work late nights and week-ends)
I'm very pleased with the result. And I'm the first to say that I definitely couldn't have done that without the great designs, animation and comping help. And what a relief that the live action head on top of an animated body doesn't look like a hideous freak accident after all.
Sadly, this job is only for German television. But maybe I get of my lazy ass soon, and try to do that youtube thing. Alternatively I could just pass on the Tandem link when it's on their website. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the picture stills.
Drinks, anyone?