Payback Plus

Late January, I finished another part of the Payback saga.
To my delight, the script went back to basics, with the concept of a rich futuristic city. And hoorah, after being snubbed for the leading role in the previous ad, the little dog was back on form, baffling critics with his portayal of a cheeky, fun loving, daring, yet loyal canine. Of course he got some damn good support from his lady boss (in gold this time) and a mysterious 'plus' credit card, who, although relatively new in the world of Payback commercials, carried one particular scene all by itself. Keep your eyes open for this new talent!
It was one of those projects where everything just seemed to work out; great team at Tandem, great agency and great clients. So, no hiccups or unfortunate changes hours before delivery.
I'm becoming a bit bit of a Payback veteran, maybe no one dares to question my knowledge about German shops (and how to visualise them) any more :)