Things I find on my old pc

Let's have a dip in the archive. Here are a few stills from a pop-up animation for Marvel's website I did a while ago (I was still in my twenties, wheiiiiiiiiii) I have to admit, the Thing doesn't look the best in individual stills (awkward angle when fist comes to the front, etc). Because of the required low filesize for web stuff, I couldn't draw every frame, but had to re-use as many assets as possible. Hence only one design for a foot, leg, knee, arm, ... and just flipping them over to construct the whole body. It's a piece of cut-out animation really.

In the end, the animation wasn't used because the Thing in my design looked different from the Thing of the recent movies (he never wears a blue top). But sorry, if there's something I refuse to do, it's drawing muscly men with their tops off! (erm, you better ignore previous post then :)