I just discovered a short film I animated on has been nominated at the British Animation Awards 2010, in the section 'Public Choice Award'.
Daniel Greaves' 'Speechless' is a beautiful film which combines his trademark quirky humour with a strong view on our evolving ways of communication.

Over the course of a year I animated the mother character, every time I was inbetween commercial jobs at Tandem.
I enjoyed working on that character a lot. She had small mumsy mannerisms and a nervosity which was interesting delving into. And the fact that a scene could last for 30 seconds or more gave us animators a good oppurtunity to think about proper character acting.
On top of that, it was all done in an old fashioned animation style, on paper!!!!!! Blue pencils, dopesheets, a hot hand from the lightbox,...it all came back in my life. A nice little nudge that made me realise why I wanted to become an animator all those years ago.

I hope the film will do well on the BAA's and other festivals.