About Memory Problems

Last year I designed and animated two virals for the Delinquent boys, to highlight the common symptons of early Alzheimer's disease.
As usual a long-ish script and a short-ish schedule meant to go immediately to the wonderful world of flash, but as usual I tried to go a bit beyond the 'look at it tweeeeeeeeen' mode. With only two weeks of animation on each viral, I'm happy with the result, especially as they seem to work as little mini-films....and get the message across in a not too boring way.
I did 'Tippy Toes' all by myself. I designed and started to animate 'Purple Scarf', but my pre-planned Swedish holiday (tip for freelance animators: book a holiday...you'll always get called for a job) meant I had to pass the rest of the animation (and a design change) on to the more than capable hands of Tom Baker (no puns please).

To see the virals, click here