I've been on a massive TINY TRIP

Indeed, indeed...My laziness has reached another gear: 6 months of no blogging action.
But this time I've got an excuse; I've just been too darn busy!
So, ironically, whilst absolutely no-one will check this blog anymore, I've got lots and lots of goodies to show. Like TINY TRIPS for instance :)

TINY TRIPS animation reel from Jeroen Jaspaert on Vimeo.

TINY TRIPS is an animated show about Rosa, a girl who travels around the world in a hot air balloon, discovering new cities and friends. It's fun and educational, and has exactly the kind of whimsical storylines that I like (who wouldn't like to be trapped in the Guernica painting, or have a picnic with Albert Einstein)
I truly enjoyed the animation style, which was my prefered 'do it in Flash, but make sure nobody can tell it's done in Flash' combined with lovely designs by Joao Fazenda.
We created 5 episodes in total (Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, London and Berlin), which was quite an accomplishment, regarding our little micro team. It was a wonderful crew that remained remarkably upbeat for various months, but I'm sure the discovery of the only Shoreditch pub that serves pints for £2 has something to do with that :)

This is a montage of my scenes (assisted by Jonathan Clarke). In the near future I'll be able to show a fully finished episode. So you better brush up on your Portuguese!