Dr. Strangeglove song

Dr. Strangeglove from Jeroen Jaspaert on Vimeo.

Together with Wip Vernooi and Cako Facioli I created a music video for Moshi Monsters.
Here we meet their formidable adversary 'Dr. Strangeglove', who in his secret lair turns innocent moshlings into gormless glumps (if you don't know what this means, ask your kids :)
I'm quite proud of this job, as the short time frame hasn't sacrified the quality of the animation. I tried my best to make full use of the limited amount of symbols I had to work with in Flash, to make the animation as full of character as I possibly could.
Which wasn't too tasking to be honest: animating a sinister and ever so slightly camp character breaking out into a song and dance routine... it's a dream come true! :)
These are a few of the scenes I animated.
To see the full video, click here.