BING BUNNY is coming to life

This page has been very quiet recently....and for good reason; for the past year I've been Series Story Director on Bing Bunny, a new animated show, coming to your screens very soon. Bing Bunny started life as a series of charming pre-school books, created by Ted Dewan. They are funny, but recognisable stories, very true to the life of each toddler. Acamar Films saw huge potential in these stories and partnered up with Brown Bag Films and Tandem Films to bring 78 episodes to life. I came on board creating the pilot episode, and continued to develop the story and animatics for the full season. It was (and still is) an amazing venture, with a strong emphasis on creative co-operation between the 3 studios involved. I'm looking forwards to share this precious project with toddlers and parents out there, and hope they'll be as moved as I have been by the stories of Bing Bunny. Read the full press release here.