The art of The Highway Rat.

I've been privileged to work with two concept artists at the top of their game on The Highway Rat; Aurelien Predal and Caroline Vos. Aurelien has been a longtime collaborator on Magic Light productions, since The Gruffalo in 2009. He helped out in the early stages of production with colour mood boards and initial set design, whilst I was still adapting the story. Aurelien's sense of colour is captivating. He has the ability to create an atmosphere with colour, something we tend to hang on to during the latter stages of production, like lighting and compositing. Caroline was the production designer at Triggerfish Animation, her work is sumptuous and detailed... and boy is she fast! She created many varied set designs and in her last few days on the job, managed to paint them all (see photo). Her work has been invaluable to the texture and modeling team, raising the production value of this film significantly. Please check out their work, it will be a treat. Aurelien Predal & Caroline Vos.