CURE by Benjamin Scheuer

Benjamin Scheuer - CURE (Official Music Video) from Radish Pictures on Vimeo.

After finishing Stick Man around Christmas, I was craving to do some animation that was short, fun and stress-free....what better project than animating cracks on a naked body! CURE is a thoughtful song by Benjamin Scheuer, depicting his battle with cancer as a 20something. This thoughtful and poignant song was turned into a beautiful music video under the direction of Peter Baynton from Radish Pictures; a motion controlled camera took individual pictures of Benjamin's body, slowly altering depth of field, whilst Peter and I painted growing cracks, centimeter by centimeter. We also had to cut up a suit in order to make it grow in a stop-motion style. I enjoyed the project as it was very fast moving and hands-on. The 'straight ahead' painting approach was in sharp constrast with how I usually plan my character animation, it gave me a nice sense of being outside my comfort zone. We were all very proud of the end result. So far the music video gets very nice write-ups online, culminating in being chosen as a Vimeo Staff Pick. This music video was the 4th collaboration between Benjamin Scheuer and Pater Baynton, all animated. Let's hope there are many more to come.