The Highway Rat wins Rose d’Or

It was a huge honour to be awarded the Rose d’Or 2018 award for ‘Best TV Children and Youth’ for The Highway Rat. I already felt privileged to be nominated amongst the best of European programming, especially as we were the only animated show. But winning the actual award topped it all. As the Rose d’Or define the gold standard of excellence and achievement in Entertainment programming, I’d really like to thank everyone who has helped pushing the quality of The Highway Rat over the course of 1,5 years; from its small story & concept department in London to the Juggernaut production at Triggerfish Animation and the final care at Goldcrest (and many many others inbetween). The Berlin based event was prestigious and relaxed. It was great to have the opportunity to rub shoulders with the makers of some of my favourite shows, and get a sneaky selfie with Lifetime Achievement winner, Joanna Lumley. And always a nice excuse to wear a suit for the day!